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CBD for Autism

Posted by Jacqueline Havelka, edited by Timothy Braun on 5th Jan 2022

By: Jacqueline HavelkaIn a recently published study in the journal Neurology, researchers treated autistic children with CBD.Conditions in 80% of the children improved. Alternatively, the children had … read more

Is the Covid-19 pandemic keeping you up at night?

Posted by Anita Braun on 29th Jul 2020

Or maybe it’s all the politics; whatever it is, CBD may help.I sleep like a baby when I take just 8.33 milligrams of full-spectrum 500 mg strength CBD a half-hour before bedtime. (That's hal … read more
Full Spectrum or Isolate?

Full Spectrum or Isolate?

Posted by Tim & Anita Braun on 26th Dec 2019

At Pearl's Gold, we have noticed several companies offering cheaper variations of CBD lately.  These have hit the market in a big way. These companies advertise quality CBD products, w … read more

CBD & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

13th Dec 2019

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome appears to be one of the hardest illnesses to diagnose, and much like ALS, everything else has to be ruled out.  It's very debilitating; people lose their jobs, their fam … read more